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Personal Solutions for Optimal Success

Do you want to learn how to build your confidence and trust your own intuition to make the best decisions for your life?

We give too much time to worry and fear which does not help us at all. Learn to tune in and let your soul do the talking.

You are aware of your intuition and ability to know what is best for you but you admit you often doubt it or ignore it. 

why do i want to help you? I have not only helped hundreds of people build their confidence but I have had to restart my life three times. If you feel like your life is not on track,i can help you get back on.

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Where do you need support and guidance? 




Life Transitions

Starting Over


Empty Nest


Changing Careers 

Starting a new business.

Wanting to achieve a higher level of success. 

Seeking Balance

Reducing Stress

Staying Grounded

choose Allison Schlesinger Consulting to learn specifically how to become more aware of and utilize your intuition to make important life decisions.

How do you get where you want to be?

Spencer had reached a point in his career where he just was not getting ahead. Being passed up for promotions and not able to find another job that was a step up. We worked together, through a series of exercises, to help him learn to trust his intutition. I taught him how to change his approach to business meetings and job interviews. As he worked on making these changes, he was able to get a new job where he felt he was really utilizing his skills and was being compensated for it!

Learning how to use your intuition will help guide your life path. 

learn how to focus your strengths and make the changes you have been wanting to make.

Learn how to build your confidence through guided support to achieve success. 

learn how to quickly assess a situation, listen to your intuition and turn difficult situations around to your advantage

gain insight into how to read the energy of a room or situation, create your own space within the room and slow things down so you can make the most strategic decisions for yourself.

Our work

How does it work?


Tell me about yourself and your desire to make positive changes in your life. 


Book a consultation appointment.

I will review your applicaiton ahead of time and we will discuss on the phone/video how we can work together to reach those goals.



We will work one-on-one with a plan designed just for you. 

After we discuss your goals, we will choose from one of the structured programs that will best fit your schedule and communication needs. 


You can join an online group of my clients, for free! I provide ongoing support in a private online setting where we share information and support one another for as long as you want to remain a member.

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Professionally, I have been providing intuitive coaching services to hundreds of individuals since 2001. For the first time I am making my services available to the public. I am so excited to open up my business to reach people who may have not experienced coaching before!


My educational background includes a Bachelor's in the study of Human Development. A Master's in Education, with a focus on Educational Psychology and Counseling. I am a graduate of the Aspen Psychic Development Program and I am a Reiki Master Teacher. I have been working in the field of social work and advocacy since 1991. 

Since I was very young I have always had a strong knowing about people and situations, beyond what was presented to me. This claircognizance is paired with my clairvoyance and clairaudience. An ability to see images and hear sounds, almost like a movie, to receive information and expanded awareness of life circumstances. This additional information provides guidance and insight to help make better decisions. For a long time this ability to receive information really confused me. I knew my other family members had the same abilities. I decided to learn and control this amazing gift by attending the two year, intuitive development class, the Aspen Program in Denver, CO. Karen Fox was my mentor and I received certifications in Psychic Studies, Mediumship and Medical Intuition. I included my mother and children in some of the classes, we were able to not only understand our intuitive ability but we learned how this intuitive skill could help us feel more confident and make better life decisions. It is an amazing feeling to provide my clients with this insight and I feel very grateful that I am able to receive such valuable information. Everyone has intuitive ability and I want to teach you how to develop your own!

I look forward to meeting you! Email me if you have any questions. Book a consultation with me to discuss how we can work together to finally bring all your life goals to fruition!


Contact me if you have questions.

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